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Contextual Intelligence Framework

A Workshop by Rev. Michael Beck (Pastor, Professor, and Author)

About this Workshop

We will do deep dive into the CQF, which is drawn from Philippians 2.

The moves of the framework will be explored. 1. unlearning refers to cleansing the gates of perception, to consciously choose to give up, abandon, or stop using knowledge, values, or behaviors to acquire new ones. 2. immersion refers to the action of immersing someone or something in a context. 3. minding the gaps (originates from a visual warning phrase issued to subway riders to be careful crossing the spatial gap between the train door and the station platform), this is seeing the sore spots, the fragmentation, the disconnects in our community, the “institutional voids” where we need to sacrificially build relational bridges. 4. disorientation describes the state of having lost one’s sense of direction and meaning, organizationally speaking, this is living on the “edge of chaos” between stagnation and innovation. 5. discovery the action or process of attaining new insight. New discoveries lead to innovation, once we move through the process of liminality and disorientation, our reality can be transformed. 6. embodiment the tangible or visible form of an idea, quality, or in our case, a person. The “mind of Christ” is now embodied in a new form. A brief treatment of CQ FYSA’s (For Your Situational Awareness) and cultivating fresh expressions will be offered.

Objectives:  Demonstrate an advanced understanding and integration of contextual intelligence in relation to leadership and pandemic post-Christendom culture.  Establish a biblical foundation for contextual intelligence.  Formulate a comprehensive understanding of how contextual intelligence has been a key component in missional church movements throughout history.  Foster competencies in contextual intelligence, missional church planting, and the anticipation of trends for local ministry application.  Explore a framework for the cultivation of CQ in the local church.  Learn adaptive skills for the new missional frontier of a pandemic world, including competencies in navigating the wicked learning environments of diverse contexts.

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January 15, 2022, 05:45 PM

05:45 PM - 07:15 PM

About The Speakers

Michael Beck

Rev. Michael Beck

Pastor, Professor, and Author